Special Person

baloonEmma is 5 and goes to the nursery school. They choose each day a so called “special person”. Special person puts the name of the day and what is the weather like (raining?)on the board, helps the teacher, sets the table when children go to eat, the special person basically works hard the whole day. Samuel used to be a star boy 2 years ago and still keeps his name tag from that period. So I asked them what is it like to be a special person. They talked about the activities they did, about the feelings, Samuel loved to wear a sticker in the shape of a star on his T-shirt and they liked to be thanked at the end of the day.

We are all children whether we admit it or not. We tend to say that we do not want to be different, that we do not want to stick out of the crowd, that we prefer to be invisible.

Now have a thought. How did you feel when praised during the meeting at work, or when your child told you you were a super mum or dad, how did you feel when somebody told you that you looked actually much younger or when somebody made a remark that you were a very warm person?We do not need to hear we are brilliant or stunningly beautiful, we just want to be a tiny little special to those who are around us, to those who are close to us. Have you told to somebody that they are special to you? If not maybe it is the high time 🙂



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