A Poem

DSC_0784A little girl:”Look father I wrote a poem and it won a first place in a school competition.” Father (lying sick in his bed) opens the paper clumsily, reads and says:” Not right Yeats…” The girl looks sadly in his eyes, says nothing and leaves the room.

Few days later, she comes again to see and cheer her sick father and says: “Look father, I rewrote the poem.”

This scene is from the film Saving Mr. Banks but might be a scene from any childhood or from our present life. Even though we love those who are closest to us, children probably the most of all, we might harm them by a simple sentence.There are words that can stay with us long, some stay with us forever. Unconditional love does not require the best results or best performance or best behaviour. Uncoditional love takes the best out of the moment, does not judge and leaves space for diversity. Unconditional love accepts and thus encourages the growth.

Sometimes we are so thirsty to be loved or we want so badly to please the ONE we love that we would be able to do anything, to rewrite the poem. To change the beautiful, the worthy…Even though it won the first place in the competition. Even though it is precious for other people.There is only one simple reason for that and that is: we do not care that much what the outside world thinks but we care  too much what our beloved ones think.

We should not. We need to have the faith in us. The confidence in what we do, how we are.

It is a long way to go but for now it is enough to tell our children in the morning before they go to school the right words. I love you. I wish you a good day instead of reminders not to forget the hat, not to tear again the trousers or how important it is to work hard. In the end the number of torn trousers will be forgotten soon, the unconditional love we gave them never.


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