Beautiful. In Your Eyes…

eyesThe outer beauty is not important, let´s focus on inner beauty. Soul matters more than the body.

Does that sound familiar to you? What lies behind these statements?
Is it the christian heritage that regarded body as mortal and often sinful and soul worth of salvation?
Is it a simple protection against the culture where ideal body and flawless face might easily open the door for better or more interesting job, which in our eyes is not fair?

And yet a woman wants to be pretty.

Could it be due to mother nature or influence of girl´s stories in which the Princess was not only Good but always Pretty?
How about the ongoing habit to exclaim in exaggerated wonder whenever the little girl appears in a new dress : “Wow, you are gorgeous!”

Whatever the reasoning, the fact is: A woman looks in the mirror several times a day. She puts under scrutiny her complexion, eyes, lips, wrinkles, hair and I bet she is never entirely satisfied with what she sees. She fears – what if I am not beautiful enough? However, she does not look for the perfection. She looks for admiring eyes. She looks for them because she lost a long ago the attention she was given as a little girl and maybe she has not even had that kind of attention.

She does not want to be a sex bomb from the Playboy magazine, nor the beauty on a yacht with a millionaire. She just wants to be that little girl who was once (or longed to be) THE ONE, THE BEAUTIFUL in the eyes of her mum or dad.

Saying to a woman “You are beautiful in my eyes”, equals for her “You mean so much to me.” 

…and her soul can flourish eternally.

On how to love and appreciate yourself with all the imperfections some other time.



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