Slow motion or PRESENT Moment

CSC_1351We are restless and we live fast. Mornings we often eat breakfast in a hurry or we do not eat at all. We repeat several times to our kids they should hurry up to get dressed. On the motorway we change the lanes in order to save minutes. Many of us eat lunch at the computer or we do not eat at all. We shop quickly, we walk quickly and we look either on the ground (not that bad in order not to stumble) or we have this distant gaze that sees through people and things but actually does not perceive anything. We cannot watch movies were there are just few dialogues. We cannot read books that describe a scenery on 2 pages. We ask children how much homework they have and then we tell them to do them quickly because there is no time. No time for what?


This is what I do:

  • To be stuck in the car might not be a nightmare if I listen to the music that makes me sing or brings any kind of emotions. I even enjoy the sun, the light and warmth through the window does good to my pain.
  • If I see a desperate driver next to me I let him pass to MY LANE with a hand gesture and I smile and usually it makes him happy. Or at least that is what I think because it always makes me happy :-).
  • I spend 20 minutes with my kids in the car talking about the VET and his animal patients. The next time about a new video game they want to buy, or about the party they had or something funny and not about the school.
  • I take my time for lunch and I try not to complain about the food. Something I have chosen is surely good and if not I eat dark chocolate afterwards.
  • I go for a short walk and I observe people. Some of them are in a good mood, they laugh or they are in love and kiss each other. If I am not in a good mood I smile at their happiness and it makes the difference.
  • I greet people whose faces are familiar to me and I do not get annoyed when they do not reply. Most of them reply and smile.
  • I always breathe deeply and feel the smell in the air…before rain or after, when seasons change.
  • I TRY not to nag about my work, not everything is bad in one day and actually the good thing is that I can go to work. It means my health is still ok and I am not unemployed.
  • I try to be creative. Even if I think I cannot sing or take great photos I sing despite my sister tells me to stop. I take photos because sometimes just taking them makes me happy whatever the result is 🙂
  • I move. Not necessarily in the gym but in the garden, in the forest, at work – I take short walks for coffee or tea, or just like that.
  • I touch somebody because we desperately need to be touched. We are afraid to hold somebody’ s hand, or to pat a colleague on the shoulder or to give them a hug when they are sad or in trouble. I guess it is because of all the hussle about sexual harrasement. Sadly, we are even not supposed to give helping hand to strange children any more in the playground when they get hurt. That is the only thing they need in difficult situation – a human touch. (Emma – my daughter hurt accidentally a girl in a shopping mall and my first reaction was to say sorry and stroke the child’ s hair. I was scolded by the sensible mother who told me that SORRY was enough!).
  • I LAUGH a lot, there is always plenty of occasions – unit meetings, friends telling stories, myself, my children and their inventions or conversations.
  • I SMILE at life. I smile at the elderly woman who goes for a walk with her dog. I smile when my daughter rides a bicycle on a rainy day, suddenly throws it away and climbs on the fence and admires cows on a meadow. Afterwards she jumps on the bike again and rides fast, very fast. I see only her red jacket in the distance. I stop the scenery…




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