Needles & Pins

Needles and PinsI remember my mum seated in the armchair, in front of her little paper box with needles and pins sticked in a little girl’s face-like cussion I made for this purpose at school and upon which she commented it was rather cruel…and kept it until NOW!

Next to it lied a big tin box – beautiful reminder of luxury chocolate pralines that came from the unseen far west. It was filled with lot of threads of different colours. One colour in dozens of shades, all neatly lying next to each other and waiting to be used. For sewing clothes for us girls but also for mending our thorn stockings.

She used to mend them during long autumn and winter evenings when the rest of the family watched TV. At that time I thought it had to be boring and I also thought that she wanted to save money.

And so this late autumn evening I took out my toolkit – a small basket cut out of the paper covered with kitsch roses. Inside of it are 19 assorted needles and needle threader. On top of it there is a writing Made in Czech Republic and a small sticker with a price: 23.80 Slovak crowns (approx. 50 cents). Next to it I put a small box of “Wiener Schokoladen” full of threads of different colours. I made myself a cup of hot cocoa milk – just like the one my father used to prepare for me every morning. Bitter without sugar. I started to darn my stockings while listening to the piano music.

It was not boring at all and there was no need to save money. It simply felt like HOME…



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