DSC_0828One summer a very long time ago with my boyfriend, we went swimming to the lake nearby we lived at that time. It was late afternoon, it was hot and so we found our place nearby a tree to have some shade, we put our mat on the sun burned grass and laid down. We started to observe people as it is usually what people do before they start reading, swimming, kissing, rubbing the creams all over their bodies, chasing run away kids, drinking beer, standing in the queue to get some fast food, flirting with the neighbour… We had a good view on the beach and lake but suddenly a couple with kids started to perform their maneuvers in front of us. We were so young and they seemed to us so old. Both chubby and loud, their kids even louder and suddenly we had direct view on their butts and hats and plastic toys, rubber boat, food and drinks and we heard their chitter-chatter. They seemed to me so disorganised. He called her Muffin and she called him Pumpkin and me and my boyfriend giggled and then we kissed and then I told him I would never ever call him nicknames. Probably I thought as well that I would never have screaming children, nor that I would bring loads of toys to the beach, nor that I would put on some weight.

And so the life went on and I found myself calling nicknames my kids and not only the existing ones but also the most strange nicknames consisting of improbable combination of vowels and consonants, meaning nothing in general and ALL to me. What is worse, WE also called ourselves a nickname – invention of my husband and embarrassingly we did that sometimes in front of strangers! I do not have to mention that my kids are loud, there was time when my weight was far from what it used to be, when we go to the beach with our children we have loads of toys and food stock and…..I am sure some young lovers giggle at us. Recently I have read an article about how we should not in any case call our husband or partner a nickname. Apparently, we are taking from them their identity and it leads to the loss of the essential and in the worst cases to the loss of attraction and love…. Well, I dare to say that “my love” or “my darling” pronounced in affectionate manner could lead only to warm feelings. To hear those words can be sometimes even better than eating the 3 in 1 chocolate bonbons MON CHERI. The bitter-sweet taste of dark chocolate with a bit of spicy liquid inside and at the end the soft cherry; all melted together and enjoyed with a great pleasure.


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