Various little talks

pebblesIn the evening, Emma was returning to me my black gloves I forgot in the morning in a nursery school. I looked at them closely and they were scratched and covered in a sand. So I asked her :” Emma did you have my gloves outside in the playground? ” She replied with a broad smile: “Yes mum, I was pretending to be a kitten.”

(Emma 5 years old)

“Sami until when I will be putting you to bed?”
“Until I am 19.”  “Well, you will be a grown-up then and you will have a girlfriend.”
“Mum, I want only you. Forever.”

(Sam 6,5 years old)

“Sam, it is not important whether you write neatly or not. The important thing is that you feel happy so that you can enjoy the little things like pebbles you find on the beach or the sun shining on you.”

“I am happy when I find little stones, I have always brought you some pebbles from nursery school.”
“Yes, you are my specialist on stones and pebbles. What else are you good at? ” “I do not know.”
“Drawing and constructing, of course”, I said. “Yes, I like that.” “And do you already know what would you like to do later on?” “I’ll be a mason”.
“Ok, why?” “Because the mason has got a lot of stones and pebbles.”

(Sam 7 years)

“Emma, we will have to go for a vaccination tomorrow.”
“Autch it will hurt”, says Emma.
Samuel with a detached tone in his voice: “Emma, listen, the life goes on afterwards.”

(Sept. 2014)

After 3 months in a plaster with broken leg:
“Sam are you anxious about coming check-up?” “No.” “And what if they still leave the plaster on your leg?” “That’s ok.” “Will you be disappointed?” “No.”

(November 2014)

(Sometimes kids know better – they do not fear the future, they do not have high hopes and they are happy with what they have and make the best out of each moment.)


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