pigeons IIJourneys can be tiring. Especially the long ones with kids. When you know you will be a passenger the prospect of sitting in a car for eleven hours or more might be even disturbing. Each time you pack you swear that nothing will occupy the space designed for your legs. Each time you plan to take the earplugs for emergency situations. Each time you say this is the last time and the next time the plane will be taking of from your garden. The pilot will be cool and funny, stewardess smiling and not too pretty and champagne will be served automatically at the right moment.

And there you are: Next to your legs lies your big hand bag with all the invoices you did not pay before your departure, huge purse, 4 lipsticks you will not use,a lip balm you can never find, a small camera, sun glasses and even a company badge. Next to it another bag with sandwiches, chocolate bars, rice cakes, water, handkerchieves. Finally you do not have earplugs because it seemed to you selfish to take them. Besides you do not remember the last time you went to a concert and in which jacket or trousers pocket they ended up. You have headphones though, but no application on smartphone to listen to the music. You make yourself comfortable as it gets, the weather is just fine and then it starts: your hubby needs sunglasses, your daughter drops the water bottle and apparently it is under your seat, your son asks for 10th time when we will get there and the navigation system is showing 959 kilometers to your destination. You do your best, you try some repiration techniques that seem useless. You check your facial expression in the small mirror and you think: gosh I look like an old and ugly witch whose magic stopped working ages ago. Adrenaline level rises with the word frequency and noise level coming from behind. You are wondering why the pills for diziness do not show their side effect which is sleepiness. This time you did not give homeopatics but the proper medicine. The side effects should have worked for your benefit! Wtf-either the whole farma industry is bullshitting or your kids have already developed the resistency to some drugs. You are determined to use the essential oils spray next time. NEXT TIME!!!

It is high time to use te survival kit.

SONGS: either those you know by heart or the favourite ones on CD. Singing out loud lowers the stress  level and produces endorphines.

RIDDLES: phantasy has no limits. Kids are very creative and even though you are suspicious it would be a boring activity, you end up having a lot of fun.

DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN? Reviving memories of holidays or special occasions makes everybody thinking about pleasant moments.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TOO? We all want to reach our destination. At the same time we cannot escape the moment of being closed in a limited space. However, nothing lasts forever so let´s focus on what we will enjoy right after we arrive.

LOOKING THROUGH THE WINDOW: When I was a kid we did not travel thousands of kilometres but still we did few hundreds in a car that was less comfortable. I used to watch the scenery – the fields, trees, crops and mostly the animals. It made me so happy to spot and eagle or hawk sitting on a branch, bunnies hopping in the distance or even a fox or a deer. I still do it and though it is more difficult nowadays because of network of highways, it is still possible. You just need to train your eye focus.

Journeys can be tiring. Journeys can be disappointing. Journeys can bring bursts of laughter but also floods of tears. Journeys can make you wonder what is it all about. Journeys may bring you to evaluate, rethink and change. Journeys may discourage you and make you feel giving up-like. Journeys could also make you wanting to continue for the beautiful scenery alongside, for the lovely moments you are looking forward to experience once you get to your destination. Journeys may revive your desire to travel far for the song you always listen to with amazement and gratitude. Journeys can be about phantasising without limits. Journeys are about the best moment you can get out of the limited space and time you were given. Enjoy them. Whether you steer the wheel or you are a passenger.


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