What is the maternity leave about (must have been written between 2009 and 2011)

siblingsIt is about the tired eyes in the morning because during the night your children were not asleep. It might have been because of teething or because they got a virus in the creche and they had fever. Or maybe because they stood up in their cot in the middle of the night just to check on you.

It is about the piles of dirty or not yet ironed clothes. It is about the hopeless thinking on what to cook and more importantly when. It is about even more hopeless thinking why your child does not want to eat what you have just cooked. It is about the fights between siblings, which you try to solve to everybody’s happiness and that end up by crying of one child or both of them anyway.

It is about your neighbours who come to tell you that they have been bothered for a long time by the eternal running or other noisy activities that disturb their contemplation or quiet time.

It is about realising that you have been planning to watch the DVD with your husband since two weeks but still have not found time to do it.

It is about morning frustration and anger because it was supposed to be YOUR day but is is not going to be. Your child is again ill/or the babysitter cannot come again/or your husband has again a very important meeting at work.

It is about the evening internet research on diagnosis of your siblings, searching for specialist and actually about going from one specialist to another and hoping that one day they will grow out of their illnesses.

On the other hand it is also about how you must laugh when you catch your little one standing in your winter boots with this particular cunning flame in his eyes. It is about finding out at 9.p.m. that your sweetie is still not asleep but draws quietly at his table and despite it is late you want to stay behind and watch him forever. It is about how you chase each other, play together, do crazy things, make fun and read books. It is also about happy and moving feelings when they suddenly start to sing to you all the songs you taught them in the car. It is about the fact that the baby is suddenly a little person, who has a conversation with you and asks you : “Mum, are you happy?”

It is about precious moments when the two of them sit in harmony next to each other and they talk and you would love to hear every single word.

Last but not least it is about the clarity of things, that all the lovely moments you lived together are unique and they will be not repeated again.


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