You can sell any dreams to me but one@Fuerteventura

??????????Holidays appear quite often in your calendar when you have small children. This time Easter came faster than expected after Carnaval holidays and we decided faster than usually to go to Fuerteventura. (Most probably due to Ryanair connection.) The name I could not remember at first and I mixed up its sounding until I realized that two words put together mean something and that is “strong wind”. Why do we exchange the well-known comfort of our homes for the limited comfort or maybe even discomfort of unknown hotel? It could be for the weather, the meals prepared by somebody else, the different smell in the air, the colour of the sand, the smiles of strangers you will never see again or for some adventures. Simply for the almost perfect life in which the troubles of the mundane seem to be far away. Gentle reminder of them are only your kids that fight in the rented car while you are heading to the dream beach from the travel guide.

It is windy indeed but the thermometer shows 25 C and it feels so good. The ice cream and sun cream sell in huge quantities. Actually anything sells. Amusingly a lot of things cost 10 Euros begining with the family photo with 2 ladies in traditional dresses taken in the hotel lobby (!), rental go-carts for children, hena tatoos, african hair beads, camel ride on the beach and taxi. For a little bit less you can buy a glass of wonderful Sangria  but also a terrible coffee. (“Yes I am very British”, the owner of the bar answered my silly question and I did not have the courage to change my order for black tea instead). For much more – tasty fresh fish or truffle. Sometimes, even if you speak 4 languages, it is of no help because you have not managed to learn Spanish yet. Fortunatelly “hola”, “gracias”, smile and all kinds of gestures will do in any situation.

To enjoy the calm and escape the traps of local sellers and restaurants’ treats you need to go farther away to dunes in the north where you can watch your children shovelling sand and experience the magic of mesmerising vastness. You will find beautiful restaurants with accomodation that serve excellent international cuisine in the middle of nowhere. The island is relativelly small so you can reach the magnificient wild beaches, still unspoiled by cafes very easily. Over there you meet only surfers, birds and few people hiding from intense wind behind the rocks. Providing you are well equiped with scarfs you might spend hours staring at the moving sea and listening to the sounds produced by waves crushing on the rocks. It is a powerful experience. The water makes its own way despite the obstacles and little by little softens the hard nature of the rocks. One of these special moments when you feel at peace and in harmony with the universe. This actually may be the reason why you came here. It is for free and tastes better than all the ice cream and Sangria. It feels on your slightly tanned and salted skin. The wind plays capriciously with your hair and everything is as it should be. Muchas gracias Fuerteventura.


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