Imaginary glass wall

glass wallThe other morning I was heading to my work not in a very good mood. It was definetely not Monday, I do not recall strong pain which usually makes me sad or blunt. Maybe I did not have a pleasant evening the day before or not a good sleep at night…I was neither in hurry nor impatient and when I noticed the length of the car queue that lingered to the roundabout that signals “soon in the office” I rolled my eyes and turned the radio up.

When I finally passed the roundabout, there was another blocked lane and I waited for my turn to bear right. I looked in that direction and I saw a man´s face fully in action. At first I thought: (because strangely I always suppose people have good intentions) “great he gives me the sign to pass in front of him.” But then why would his hands continue to move? Fine, I must have a problem with the head lights. Oh no, no, no, I must have done something BAD. Very bad indeed, because the nice guy was actually shouting at me and showing me something with his hand (though I did not see the middle finger). I shrugged my shoulders and smiled because I could not recall my “crime”. That made him totally mad. His eybrows were jumping, mouth continued to open and close and his hands were all over the front space of his car. This scene was moving in front of my eyes like a silent grotesque film and I was starting to have fun. In the end I could not help but laugh.

Later on I was thinking that I can use this image further on. When somebody gets mad at me (why would they but just in case :-)). Surely, there might be a reason for the other party´s anger but it is so easy to get hurt by the words somebody produces in anger. They are never nice. They get on your skin, sometimes deep under. So why not to use the imaginary glass wall – disconnecting from the content, observing only the form – moving lips and let it all go. Let the roller pass by. Constructive dialog afterwards is not contraindicated.

In a way that guy made my morning really brighter, I went to my office with a smile. At the same time he gave me an idea of a tool  that I can keep in my “survival kit”. Just in case…


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