Fascinating experience

spockUnit meetings are regular gatherings of people who work on the similar or equal tasks using several IT systems and their brain in order to fulfill a particular goal within certain deadline. These meetings serve to share common knowledge, best practices or as means to adress problems or potential risks. Sometimes they can become a brainstorming exercise that could lead to solutions to these problems. Since they group people of similar interests and expertise they normally serve as a source of understandable information to all.

When I first joined the team my impression from the first unit meeting was this: quite long, few people talking, majority listening or pretending to. I did not understand much, I thought due to the novelty and also lack of expertise…Since the first unit meeting a few years have passed and they became for me a routine you cannot skip and also excellent place where to observe people, their characters, their typical behaviour. I laugh a lot, we laugh a lot. At stories some colleagues share, at absurdity of things that happen in reality, at never ending changes that affect our working environment and our mood. I got used to the different accents of people in English, I got used to the topics our unit is dealing with, however this very day at my 168th unit meeting I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Sure, I was a bit distracted when I heard that my boss could not handle PUMA, so I adjusted my focus just to hear that Phoenix was fine. Compass, though was out of order and Simba was not well connected with EMU (or EMI?). I looked around with my eyes wide open loosing direction. Next to me was a colleague close to retirement. I leaned to him to ask what were we talking about. He turned to me with the other ear, which made me wonder if he had also hearing problem as I do. When he started to reply I needed to turn also strangely so he could whisper in my “good” ear that we were “lost in translation”. Btw yes, apparently he has the same diagnosis, just our deaf ears are on the opposite sides. Meanwhile SNaLE had not delivered results on time and Argentum messed up a little with financies. Oh yes and when we populate pools we need to be carefull. In case we create confusion we should not call the helpdesk but SPOCK. Actually dedicated Spock. Wow, so I was not in Wonderland but in second season of Star Trek.

I glanced at starship Enterprise and at my colleague who might soon retire and I was sure he would miss the crew. I thought of two of us half deaf and smiled. Funny enough we were actually right there where we belong – members of unit that aims to make daily life easier and more inclusive. Fascinating experience!


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