Falling in Love Again or Lived happily ever after…

Alexandra´s blog on Little things that matter

CSC_0792Once upon a time there was a boy or a girl who fell in love with “their other half”. Falling…falling…it literally felt like falling. It was fast and unexpected and it hurt a little bit.

There were days they spent by walking together side by side, sometimes talking, sometimes not. They looked into each other’s eyes and they touched a lot. They smiled so often that it was unbearable for the others. They would spot the differences between them but it would not bother them at all. They would enjoy the rain together and they would not mind to get wet. They would love the freezing snow and wind because that would make them to come closer and wrap themselves in the jacket of the other. They would write poems or sing songs. They would find them great even if the text was poor or if the song was out of tune…

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