Late autumn walk (relaxation, imagination)

rosehipWhen you feel tired either physically or mentally the best thing you can do is to walk. Walk in the wood or a park. If you do not have a green area nearby, choose small side streets where you have almost no chance to meet people or cars. This is the time for yourself. Breathe naturally and concentrate on your breath and observe closely everything you see. Let your mind create the associations free from judgements. Do not stop at the thoughts, let them pass as if you were going through the pages of a book. Do not think about the chapter before nor about the possible ending. Try to use all your senses. Be not shy to touch the crops, leaves, flower or rose hip or a branch. If you do not find the time to go out you can use your imagination at home or even at your office when having a quiet time.

 Make yourself comfortable in a chair or in a bed – feel the body parts in contact with the surface and close your eyes. Breathe naturally and observe your breathing. Now go through the parts of your face, release the tention around your eyebrows, eyes, forehead and lips. Release tention in your jaw – you can slightly open your mouth and let the tongue lie freely without touching the palate. You continue progressively to your neck and shoulders, releasing tention. The same with arms and hands, thorax and belly, hips, legs and feet. As you release the tention you might feel the heaviness of your body or light warmth. Once you are completely relaxed you can take your imaginary walk through the forest.

Imagine you are on your walk in the forest during your special time for yourself. Maybe it is the forest you use to go regularly, or the wood you spent a nice day either alone or with somebody you like. Maybe it is a yard you played in when you were a child or a park you went to with your parents or friends. You feel the temperature, you smell the humidity of the autumn soil and you walk peacefully and observe everything that surrounds you. There are big trees well rooted that have leaves of different colours. It is beautiful. There are already many colourfull leaves on the ground that reminds you that there is always an end before a beginning. These leaves that have felt down had once had their importance and their beauty. Now they belong to the past. You see them and you pass by and you continue. Maybe you see some insects in the air or wild animals that are taking their time in the distance and also observe cautioussly the nature. Everything is calm and at peace. You can feel it in your body that moves easily. You have time – nothing pressures you. You might imagine sun beams caressing your cheeks. You raise your head and you smile. You like what you are experiencing. Everything that is around you reminds you that the end in a way means a new beginning. You breathe regularly and peacefully and you enjoy the sun and serenity of the moment. Your body is relaxed, you might let the wind play with your hair. You notice that you are walking straight as if you gained a force. Your eyes that often look at the ground look directly in front of you and what they see is pleasant and beautiful. You are proud of the journey you have made so far. It was probably not a straightforward journey, there were certainly some obstacles. But you are here, in this forest that you love so much and you are calm, serene, at peace and proud of yourself. You are proud of your body and spirit. You have managed to come here and you continue your journey and you fear not the unknown. On the contrary you enjoy fully the moment and you believe in life as such. In the forest, like in your life, there is no defined order, nothing is perfect. Some parts are dying, some parts are recovering, some parts are growing, some parts are yet to be born. This is the beauty of living. Journeys might be difficult at times but strangely enough they always provide beautiful moments and pieces of hapiness. You are walking freely and you feel the calm, the security and the certainty that you are capable to walk alone and enjoy what nature and universe provides for you. Stay for a while and take a picture of what you have seen. You are in that picture too. Keep the photograph and take it out of your pocket whenever you need to. This can be one of your resources that keeps you going.

Now when you are ready, you can start to move slowly your fingers, toes, move your hands and arms, legs and feet, yawn and stretch. When you feel like it you can open your eyes and conect with your environment. If you do this imagination before falling asleep skip the last fase. 🙂

P.S.: you might like somebody read this text for you or you might want to record it and listen to it later. This is just a hint how you can proceed in imagination. The best thing is to let your unconsciouss do the job, however at first you might need a bit of a training. At the beginning you may have negative thoughts coming, sorrow, regrets, fear. If this happens, concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in while counting to three and breathe out while counting to four. Once you are calm again continue your imaginary journey.

Happy relaxing.


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