It is time to say…Thank YOU

joy under kiss

Joy under The kiss

It´s been one year since I have started to write this blog. I had no specific intentions at the beginning I just needed to write. Then I thought – once I write I´d like to be read, maybe to be understood or just read, or to offer my view on “reality”, my values, my feelings, my struggles that I consider sort of universal. Because I like challenges I started to write in English that is not my mother tongue and although I studied it I use it less and less in the francophone environment I live in. I am happy that it still comes quite naturally when I write though I am aware that I produce texts far from being perfect native speaker texts. I did not set up a specific goal beforehand, nor the audience I want to reach to, nor the frequency of writing – which I should have done apparently if I wanted to be successfull and not to loose the readers. I wrote when I had or wanted to say something. Looking back I enjoyed the whole thing. In my tight schedule I need to devide between my family and full time job it is a challenge to find time for myself. I struggled with it in the past, having bad conscience about taking few hours now an then to do what I like. I can happily say that it is not the case anymore and actually the few hours I dedicate to writing, dancing and studying sophrology are the hours that give me the energy to be hopefully a more balanced and pleasurable being to be with.:-)

Some statistics for those who like them: 3643 views, 695 visitors, 30 countries reached, 10 out of these outside Europe. (I know of some friends in Botswana and Australia -cheers guys.) Now for the most read posts: 1. Fast Car, 2. Mon Cheri, 3. Dance me to the End, 4. Stillness. This order prooves that hard work does not necessarily mean great success for these blogs were written in a while, without much thinking and editing.  I also admit that they are probably my favourite texts too because they are very personal. The most complex stuff I wrote is “Memory of pain “- topic of my interest – both from physical and psychological perspective. I have tried to put up together my own experience and also numerous facts and information I have read on pain in general. This is the post I am proud of but one of those which are at the bottom of the readability score.

As for the future, I do not know. I would like to continue in my pace, without forcing myself into something I do not feel is the right thing to do. I know for sure that I will dedicate one part of my blog to sophrology that helps me to live more in the present moment, listening to my body and to my feelings. It is still a long way to go but I do have that very positive feeling that this is really going to be an adventure worth trying.

Last but not least I could do all this without you 🙂 but with you it was more fulfilling and fun and I am happy for all positive comments I received during the last year. I am specially happy for those who were striving and unhappy at certain moments but one of my texts made them rethink and reshape their day.

THANK YOU for reading me.






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