A Stranger

CSC_1286Throughout our lives we meet many people. I have been thinking a lot what makes someone different from someone else. How come that we connect so easily with some people and on the other hand we can know some people for ages but we do not miss them at all. I mean you might have shared some stories, moments together. You might have even spent a significant amount of time with them, still when they disappear from your life it does not matter. You might hear about their lives several years from your last meeting, and it does not move you at all. You might recall quite well certain situations but that is it – simple memory of state of things. No emotions. No regrets. No nostalgia.

Then there are those people who pass briefly through your life, an encounter which is almost insignificant and yet…

It has been a couple of years ago I met an esthetician nearby the place I lived. I went there sporadically just for tinting my eyelashes an eyebrows. She did her job well, she was not intrusive and I liked to talk with her. We talked girls’ stuff – family, parents, illnesses, men, jobs. There was something about her – her smile, her hair –  thick and curly, her almost perfect complexion, her natural behaviour, her body that was curvy and not anorexic, the knowledge she had, the unpretentiouness…I somehow came to believe she is the only one that can colour my lashes without having the itchy feeling afterwards. Then she got pregnant and then we moved to another part of the city. I stopped going to beauticians. I have been thinking about her lately. Wondering how her little boy is doing, where she works? I was hesitating to call to the place she used to work before just in case they have the contact. Then I abandoned the idea telling myself there are so many other beauticians that can tint my lashes. Two days after that I met her! I was with my daughter at optician, looking for sunglasses and swearing how much money I need to spend due to my myopia. There she was – with her broad smile, without a change after almost 3 years – working currently in a barber shop to enhance men’s beauty. I told her about my abandoned lashes and eyebrows, about my kids and my ill mum. She told me about her ill mum being much better and her little prince making her mum´s life wonderful. And we found exactly that what we had years ago. She told me about some girl called Sandra that can tint my lashes and make me feel taken care of and beautiful but I do not feel like meeting Sandra. I am sure she is great. I am just not sure I will have the same connection.

Do I need that connection? Yes. Without that I prefer my lashes go almost albino like white. There are mascaras and eyeshadows that will do the trick. What I might do instead of seeing Sandra is to invite “my” beautician for a coffee. We will talk girls’ stuff. We will be natural, curvy, aging, with mascara, with growing kids, with ill parents, with jobs and dilemmas about sun glasses…Just like that. Simply connected as sometimes strangers can be.



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