It has been raining a lot this spring. As if the summer was not ready to come. Somebody balanced once said : “When it rains let it rain.” Maybe it is the time to connect with our innerself. By breathing, by visualisation and perception work. Or by slowly driving a car in heavy rain while listening to Chopin.

Alexandra´s blog on Little things that matter

whiteI was sitting in a classroom and listened to a clever person talking about the functioning of our muscles, nerves,respiration, brain and the heart. It was as complex as the physiology of a human being could be. When I saw all the pictures I thought about the myriad of connections inside ourselves. I thought of the enormous power of regeneration human body posseses and on the other hand the fragile nature of every single particle. The paradoxical nature of memory or the paradoxical role of fear, for example. The magical influence of our thoughts on our bodily functions. Heavy stuff, the concentration was fading and suddenly it started to snow. I could not stop looking out of the window, the snow flakes were big and soft, the wind was blowing in one direction and very soon everything was white.

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