About sunglasses, growing up and religion.


In the car:

I am looking in the rear mirror and I see my son who has grown again. I still picture his traits back then when he was little, now he is a young man – almost. He does not show a lot of enthusiasm – we are off to buy sunglasses. He hates sunglasses and he hates shopping. He has been changing a lot recently – boredom, hanging around not knowing what to do or video games playing when he does not know when to stop. Constant argumentation (God, now I understand my parents – I was a pain.), witty responses, the vivid mimics I love so much – they show so well how the person feels are a part of his daily interaction. The grin he manages to develop in order to annoy his sister, the “clever I” posture that annoys me – it is also him. On the other hand his clear blue eyes that are curious, examining, asking, thinking, evading somewhere unknown that I like to look into is my son as well. So there he was in his yellow Tour de France T-shirt he bought when the peloton was passing through our place and I asked him: “Sam, what do you think of me?” He seemed perplexed. “I don’t know he said.” Well, that is even worse than thinking something bad about me.” “Am I cool mum? Annoying? Funny? “No, you are not annoying.” (Sweet, I know I am.) “I hope you would not like to exchange me for somebody else? ” No, of course not.” “Well, you will one day for a girlfriend and you will listen to her more than you listen to me. But I forgive you now.” “Why do you forgive me now?” “Because then, later it will be too hard for me.”

We bought sun glasses, swimming suit and I wanted to buy a dress but he said I was annoying with my shopping, so we left.


In a bed later at night:

“Mum, the religion teacher is probably the worst teacher in the school.”

“Hmm, it is a bit of a paradox, don’t you think?”

“Well, she is more of a Devil than an Angel.”

“I guess God sent her to all of you as a challenge.”

(Sam laughing) “She is not fair, the girls are excused for anything and the boys are punished for everything and besides she is fat.”

“That is not nice that she is not fair but she might have thyroid problems so that is why she is fat.”

“Oh, no way…the last time she was munching the whole bag of crisps while we were colouring in the picture of God.”

I had few questions in my head: 1. Why are 11 years old colouring in instead of learning biblical or mythological stories? 2. Who established the form of God? 3. Why the teacher does not share her crisps? 4. Why the religion education looks like this?

I think I will read to him and analyse the stories from Bible next school year and we might try the protestant pastor or ethics next year. Either way I am sure we will have some interesting topics for conversation.

We could have discussed for long but I wanted him to sleep so I prayed The Lord’s prayer and kissed him good night.






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